Seis -Cinema cafe- /セイス シネマカフェ

Photo©Yohei Sasakura

Seis -Cinema cafe- /セイス シネマカフェ


A cinema café where you can enjoy movies and music with one drink. It’s an adult retreat in the city where you can meet new things and people. Walk along the forest road and will see hexagonal architecture. The structure consists only of the most distributed 105 x 150mm wood, creating a large space with wooden trusses. The interior space gathers colorful Japanese-made furniture and you can relax in your favorite chair. You can also buy your favorite furniture, sundries and books.    

所在地  :京都府舞鶴市

用途   :飲食店

規模   :木造平屋建

延床面積 :137.5㎡

施工   :大村工務店

構造   :S3Associates

造園   :造景房吉(岩村陽一郎)

染色   :common-bridge(中嶋健)

防音扉  :福井シネマ

写真   :笹の倉舎(笹倉洋平)

竣工   :2019.4


Asia Pacific International Property Awards 2019-2020

Public Service Architecture Winner